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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not answered below, please feel free to ask directly via the form on the "contact" page or email

How do you pronounce post meridiem?

Pohst Muh-rid-ee-uhm (emphasis on the "rid")

What does post meridiem mean?

Post meridiem is a Latin phrase which means after midday or afternoon. On a digital clock, p.m. stands for post meridiem, as in 6:00pm.

Where can I find your books?

You can purchase Post Meridiem Press books from Amazon. Some titles may also be available in local libraries and bookstores. See the “books” page or follow Post Meridiem Press on Instagram: @postmeridiempress to view updates regarding each book’s availability.

Permission to reproduce art and text from Post Meridiem Press books

You may reproduce art/images from Post Meridiem Press books to include in reviews or use for educational purposes so long as you credit the creator and publisher. You may not reproduce art/images for commercial, for-profit purposes. If you are unsure, please contact

Are you accepting submissions?

At this time we are not accepting submissions.

Where can I view concept and character design work for each book? 

The founder of Post Meridiem Press, Parker Milgram, has a portfolio website containing illustrations and character concepts for all books. The artwork can be viewed at Additional concept work for ongoing projects can be seen posted on Parker's Instagram: @parkermilgram

Is post meridiem the same as postmeridian or post meridian?

Yes and no.

Post meridiem and postmeridian (as one word) both mean afternoon. Post meridiem is Latin, whereas postmeridian is an American word which came later.

Post meridian (as two words) does not typically mean afternoon. A meridian could be a line on the globe stretching between the two poles, a high point, or channels in the body along which energy runs in some medicinal practices. Post as an adjective means after, while post as a noun could be a tall stake in the ground or mail. The phrase "post meridian," could mean several things, for example "after a high point." A stretched meaning of post meridian could be "after the sun's highest point," which occurs at noon.

Words are defined by humans and perspectives are relative. The explanation above is not absolute. If you’re curious, please by all means research the words further.

I have an unanswered question, how can I find out more information?

You can email or fill out the form on the "contact" page.  You may also choose to research the topic yourself or sit and mull over your thoughts for a while to see if anything comes to you.

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